Brown Rice Minori 1kg

1.0 kg
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Spanish Akitakomachi variety (OKURA), 

A long-established brand founded in 1991. Produced in southern Catalonia, called Delta Ebro, Spain. Blessed with fresh water sourced from the Pyrenees Mountains, the rice grown here is sweet, lustrous and sticky and delicious. The state-of-the-art rice milling technology and production quality control make it the highest quality rice. The rice grown by Japanese people in Spain is loved by many famous restaurants in the EU.

[Akitakomachi] Rice with sweetness, luster and stickiness

[Reference] 1 go (150g) = 2.2 servings 1kg ⇒ 2 go/day = 3days worth

[Preservation/Purchase Frequency] Store in a cool place with a temperature of 20 degrees or less, away from direct sunlight. We recommend purchasing once or twice a month.