Ordering frozen food

About ordering frozen food

Frozen foods in Dear foods have "Frozen" at the beginning of the product name.

When ordering frozen food, we will use DPD Express to prevent non-delivery on weekends. We will ship from the Dear foods shipping center every Tuesday to Thursday, and the product will arrive the next day from 9:00 to 18:00.

In addition, when ordering frozen food, we will ship it with a cold insulator (dry ice) in the Styrofoam to maintain the quality.

Please put it in the freezer immediately after arrival and consume it according to the expiration date stated on the product.

Please be sure to check that there are no mistakes when ordering, such as the notation of your name.

If the delivery address nameplate and the orderer's name are different, please note that the name entered in the address entry field and the delivery address nameplate are the same. In particular, if the landlord's name is not on the nameplate due to short-term residence, etc., please write "c/o" and write the landlord's surname before the orderer's name. (e.g. c/o Müller if the landlord's name is Müller)

*Please note that we cannot guarantee the quality of frozen products if there is a delay in product delivery by the shipping company.

*If you order frozen items, the shipping fee will change. For more information, see Shipping Dates and Shipping Charges.